NEW RELEASE: Jennifer’s Throbbing Intergalactic Dinosaur Black Hole Invasions

Jennifer’s Throbbing Intergalactic Dinosaur Black Hole Invasions by Stix Hiscock

Hugo nominated Stix Hiscock is at it again with this wacky hot tale of bisexual dinosaurs, unfriendly alien centaurs and an astronaut who hates doing math.

Who knew space could be so boring? Jennifer Comewell has trained her entire life to be a lady astronaut, and she’s finally achieved her dream. But she’s disappointed by just how uneventful her yearlong voyage across the cosmos turns out to be, and she’s tired of spending all her time doing boring stupid math.

Lucky for her, there is one thing to distract her onboard the Starship…

Spike Balzac, world famous astronaut, triceratops, and international playboy, is every woman’s Cretaceous fantasy. He’s also the captain of their ship, and the attraction the two of them share is undeniable.

Although Jennifer has a tan boyfriend back home on Earth, she can’t help but let herself fall for the hunky prehistoric dreamboat. But their burgeoning love affair is interrupted by their accidental crash landing on the distant planet they’ve been heading to all this time, Kelvaron-69.

Almost immediately after they hit the ground, they find themselves under attack from a stampede of belligerent alien centaurs. Spike ends up being taken prisoner in their malevolent grasp, but at the last minute, Jennifer is saved by a mysterious figure- a sexy alien tyrannosaurus wearing a cowboy hat.

Losing consciousness as she’s swept away into his tiny arms, will this be the end of the line for her? Or is there secretly more to her prehistoric savior than just his razor sharp teeth and tight alien butt?

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