We Recommend: Bound to You

Bound to You: A Military Romance (You and Me Series Book 3) by Tia Lewis and Penelope Marshall

Matthew Rees survived a war zone because of his lucky photo—a photo of an unknown woman he found in the sand in Iraq.

After suffering a head injury and losing his partner to a land mine, he is discharged with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After returning home, he faced struggles that he would never have anticipated—black outs and bar fights weren’t exactly mentioned in his discharge papers.

Matthew sets out on a quest to find his lucky charm—the woman in the photo—maybe she can save Matthew one more time.

After finding the beautiful and ostentatious Meleyna Harris, his emotional world is turned upside down. However, can Meleyna show him he is more than the shadow of the man he used to be while struggling with her own inner demons and a past love that’s determined to not stay in the past?

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