NEW RELEASE: Duping the Earl

Duping the Earl: Erotic Regency Romance by Poppy Deveaux


Full of sensual romance, fast-paced action, exotic locations and unforgettable characters, Duping the Earl will appeal to fans of historical romances and erotic adventures.

Duping the Earl

When Julianna Steward-Smythe agreed to marry the Fourth Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, she didn’t do it for love, only for money.

When the handsome but impoverished carriage driver known only as Jack-o-the-Wheels falls in love with Julianna, he expects it to go unrequited. Attracted to his passion and his desire for adventure, Julianna, much to both of their surprise, falls for him too.

But the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe won’t let his gorgeous young trophy bride fall into the hands of her young lover quite so easily, and he sends his chaperones, and later his thuggish goons after them to thwart their true love.

Lord Chesterton, one of England’s last true gentlemen and dedicated enemy of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, agrees to help Jack, who is his young ward. Together they hatch a daring plan of deceit and escape, hoping to flee to the romantic new country called America.

Lush descriptions of social scandals, balls, manor houses and green garden estates will transport you to England in the Regency era, a time of great romance and cultural change.

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