WE RECOMMEND: Beauty and the Billionaire

Beauty and the Billionaire: A Dirty Fairy Tale Romance by Kira Blakely

This isn’t your kid’s fairy tale, and I’m no ordinary beast.
Years of killing in the military have hardened me, scarred me, making it impossible to give a sh$t about relationships.
Then comes along Belle Fontaine. The innocent virgin daughter of the man whose company I want to buy. She’s twenty-four and drop dead fu@king gorgeous.
I always say love at first sight is for pansies, but she has me second guessing that.
My c@ck stands to salute her the moment she walks into my office.
Purchasing her father’s company is more of a mercy buy for me, but she tries to get more than it’s worth.
Wrong move.
Now, I will make it… hard… for her.
The only way I will buy the company is if she agrees to come to my private island for one month.
I’m sure she’s heard the rumors about my secret room. I can sense her fear and desire.
Whips and chains aren’t the only secrets she’ll discover.

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