NEW RELEASE: The Prehistoric Tail of One Horned Menage

The Prehistoric Tail of One Horned Menage by Stix Hiscock

Another wacky, sexy, fantasy short story by Hugo Award Finalist, Stix Hiscock!

Ariella Bumgood’s life is an ideal one in some regards. A disgraced commercial actress, she lucks out big time when she marries billionaire bad boy Jackson Bronto, a long-necked Romeo who ensures that her every need is met beyond her wildest dreams.

Although the love they share is real and true, she doesn’t know until after they’re married that Jackson has a secret addiction- one that will compromise the very foundation of their relationship.

One fateful night, Jackson takes things one step too far. Without her consent, he offers fellow billionaire Estallio Huevos a night in bed with her, trading her to him as a way to support his out of control obsession.

Ariella is understandably angered at first, but quickly finds herself falling prey to Estallio’s magical charms, and he proves himself an abundantly capable unicorn lover.

Will Jackson’s betrayal, along with Estallio’s unexpected charm, be enough to tear apart her marriage? Or will Jackson be unwilling to let her go without a fight?

Receive a special bonus following the main story!

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