NEW RELEASE: Dark Secret

Dark Secret: Interracial Billionaire Romance by Piquette Fontaine

Dannell’s life has become puzzlingly unfulfilling. A renowned billionaire with an impressive mansion to his name, he nevertheless feels as though it’s all a bit meaningless. He has a difficult time connecting with the shallow social life of high society, and feels as though the prospect of finding true love is a hopeless one- even despite, or perhaps because of, his vast fortunes.

Meadow, meanwhile, is a fiercely independent young woman, unwilling to let herself be tied down by men, but always happy to use her sensual powers to seduce and enjoy them for nights at a time. After recently being fired from her job as an exotic dancer for physically assaulting her pervert boss, she finds herself applying for a job as Dannell’s new maid- and is surprised when he ends up hiring her. He turns out to be a far different man than the one she originally anticipates…

He is a man with dark, dirty, exciting secrets.

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