NEW RELEASE: Riding the Dragon

Riding the Dragon by Harmony Gates

The Kingdom of Lethea is a peaceful place but it has been plagued by a dark force. Every twenty years, a red dragon has approached the kingdom, and caused destruction and mayhem all over.

King Arrea sent out word for all heroes to come and slay the dragon before it can do more damage.

Lilia is a warrior who has performed many great deeds, yet finds she always has to prove herself to men who doubt her skills based on her appearance. She wants her name to go down in legend, so she eagerly volunteers for King Arrea’s quest. She is joined by the scholar Saimon, who knows more about dragons than anyone in the land.

On her quest, she finds that all is not as it seems and she will have to choose between her own heart’s desire and her need to go down in history.

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