WE RECOMMEND: Hot Man Wanted

Hot Man Wanted by Tia Siren

What’s a billionaire like me doing on a dating site?
I’m going to escape from my life – for one hot night.
One taste of this ‘real’ kind of woman and I’m hooked.
No one from my world wants us to be together.
But I’m going to fight for her – whatever it takes.

When I see the Hot Man Wanted ad, my d*ck pricks up immediately.
Ashley Anderson is looking for her first O.
Up for the challenge? You bet.
Her s*xy curves and quirky smile make me keep wanting to come back for more.
She laughs at my jokes and screams at my pleasure.
But she’s not someone I could ever bring home to meet the parents.
We’re from different worlds.
I go to charity dinners. She likes take-out.
But f*ck whoever wants to keep us apart.
I won’t let anyone tell me who I can marry.
Because I’m going to marry the girl I met on a dating site.

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