Laid by Piquette Fontaine

I awake in bed with my boyfriend Kyle, who’s sound asleep, oblivious to my anxieties. He and I initially met through our job, this being our mutually first gay experience, and it just so happens that work is precisely what’s spinning around in my head, disturbing my thoughts.

Times are tough in the corporate world, and imminent layoffs are expected. I can’t help but feel that Kyle and I’s necks are on the chopping block.

Kyle soothes me to sleep with his love and I at last manage to get some rest, only to wake up the next day as anxious as ever.

My blood pressure nearly shoots through the roof, then, when we’re called into our cougar of a boss’s office first thing in the morning- that is, until I find that she’s offering my partner and I an offer most lascivious in exchange for keeping our jobs…

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