NEW RELEASE: The Wife, the T-Rex and the Unicorn

The Wife, the T-Rex and the Unicorn by Stix Hiscock

A pirate’s life is the life for Guadalupe la Concha, as well as her infamous scallywag of a husband, Captain Buggery Bill Biped. The two of them have just pulled off the mission of a lifetime aboard their ship, the Corpulent Eel, raking in a treasure worth such a large fortune that they’ll never have to work again.

Before heading back to port and ending their careers forever, however, they decide to make one last pit stop along the way. They stop at a seemingly uninhabited island listed mysteriously on their map, only to discover a handsome unicorn badass Silvesse the Salacious, buried alive inside the rock wall of a volcanic mountain. They break him out of his fossilized prison, and Buggery Bill commences to develop a fast and genuine interest in the equine newcomer.

Will Buggery Bill’s hidden feelings cause their otherwise perfect marriage to sink like a shipwreck? Or will the presence of this mysterious new stranger add untold new winds into their sails?

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