NEW COLLECTION: Many Shades of Naughty

Many Shades of Naughty by Ruby City Books

Looking to add some sizzle to your day? This steamy collection of 40 bisexual menage romance adventures is just for you. Put your feet up. These stories are HOT!

Many Shades of Naughty

Tangled Kinks (Part 1)
Tangled Kinks (Part 2)
Tangled Kinks (Part 3)
Taken By Two Ghosts
Apparition Threesome
Werebear Menage
Taken by my Realtor (Part 1)
Taken by my Realtor (Part 2)
I’m With The Band
The Voyeurs
Cosplay Menage
Slave To The Pack
Billionaire Boss
Dirty Ghost
Laying The Odds
Let’s Swing
Bearback Mountain
Alpha Lust
Duping the Earl
Going Biker
Bloody Secrets
Savage Urges

This eBook is intended for adults only.

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