NEW RELEASE: Immaculate Wolf

Immaculate Wolf by Piquette Fontaine

All of Kay’s friends tell her she needs to settle down and find someone nice. But when she agrees to a date with Alex, her immaculate, mysterious co-worker, she is afraid he might be just a bit too nice. Although he’s the perfect gentleman by day, Alex has a secret that means Kay might just get the wild, passionate man she desires. As long as the moon’s full.
Kay journeys to Alex’s house, a rugged and remote mansion staffed by a mysterious driver, to meet him for their second date. Although he seems in control of himself as they walk through the grounds, he warns her not to stay beyond nightfall, as the moon is nearly full and he cannot answer for what might happen. Kay is curious to see if Alex is telling the truth about being a werewolf; can it really be that she is only safe with him in daylight? But if she chooses to leave before sunset, she might never have the chance to see the real him.