NEW RELEASE: The Legend of Gard: Part 1

The Legend of Gard: Part 1 by Sloane Peterson

Emma Moss is a free-spirited explorer who wants her name to go down in legend. As a result, she decides to explore one of the last places of mystery on Earth, the darkest parts of the heart of an African jungle.

She leaves her fiancé in America, promising that she’ll return, but disaster strikes when she’s separated from her party and captured by a wild tribe. Little does she know that two decades before there was another explorer who went into the jungle, but he met with disaster, although his son survived.

That son grew into Gard, the mighty protector of the jungle, and when Emma meets this wild man sparks fly. But can she ever make it back to civilization? Should she bring Gard back? What will she tell her fiancé?

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