NEW RELEASE: Saved by the Billionaire

Saved by the Billionaire by Poppy Deveaux

In the Old American West two people, Jim and Jill, are moving away from their tragic past on to a brighter future. The sun shines brightly over the horizon and there’s a promise of hope in the land of Silvercreek, which they’ve heard is a paradise.
They’ve been traveling for a long time. Their horses are tired and their water is running out. They’ve already lost so much, are they about to lose their lives too?
Well as luck would have have it….
Brandon Grayson, a billionaire (yes, they had these back then), is returning to Silvercreek from a trip. The loneliness of his life is getting to him when his driver sees the wreckage of a crashed wagon. Brandon leaps out of the wagon and runs across the dusty ground to find two broken bodies, barely alive.
What the three of them don’t know is that this chance encounter will change everything, and in ways they cannot imagine. The west was wild, and these people were no exception.