NEW RELEASE: New Breed of Superhero

New Breed of Superhero by Poppy Deveaux

Years ago, Medallion City lost its champion protector, Nova, after a furious battle. Since then, his protege, Andromeda, has taken his place. She’s never felt completely comfortable in the role.
Until now….
Today, she’s not only started coming into her own as a superhero but also as a woman. Passionate desires are flooding her body, but she’s caught in between her two identities, that of Andromeda and that of Clara Cooper.
The handsome detective, Jack Dent, takes a shining to Clara but has a grudge against Andromeda. After an evening of passion, will he still like her when he discovers who she really is?
Then, a new villain terrorizes Medallion City. The more Andromeda corners him, the more she starts to see a new way to punish him for all of his destruction. It is also a way for her to embrace a side of herself that she has always pushed away. A very dirty, sexy, dominating side.
A new style of superhero is about to be born.