Pushed by Martha James and Sloane Peterson

On a gloomy January night Debbie hears sirens in the distance. She joins her friend Todd, and many others who are swarming to the front of their dorm. Connie Ling is dead. Fallen from a roof.
Debbie is shaken, but she doesn’t believe that Connie was the type to commit suicide. Her instincts tell her there’s something more to it, and she feels that the world deserves to know why Connie committed suicide, if that was the case.
With the help of Todd, Debbie delves into Connie’s life and finds some surprising things, things that question how well she knew Connie at all. She learns more about the hidden side of the college, and dark truths are revealed to her, truths that she wished she had never learned.
But how far is she willing to go? How much is she willing to sacrifice in the name of justice?