HOT PICK: The Dragon Slayer

The Dragon Slayer by Harmony Gates

Can Angelica save her village AND make love to the dragon all at once? Only a true warrior would be capable of such a heroic feat.
Angelica’s life up to this point has been far from happy. Motherless since birth, and more recently been left to grieve the loss of her father- a brave and noble warrior, who died trying to rescue their village from the clutches of a vicious, fire-breathing dragon.
Now, she’s left all alone in the world, and wonders whether the path for her is to live a simple life, marry off, and have children, or else to follow in her father’s footsteps, and finish what he started by vanquishing the town’s dragon foe.
That question is answered for her one evening, when a brutal attack from the dragon in question destroys much of the village, and sets Angelica’s destiny in stone.
As she heads into the woods with her father’s armor and sword, however, Angelica is about to find that the enemy’s situation isn’t exactly what she imagined it to be…