HOT PICK: The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard by Martha James and Sloane Peterson

Desiree can’t believe what her life has become in such a short period of time.
A world renowned singer- internet famous turned real famous overnight- she’s just embarking on the very first show of her first ever world tour, feeling more than a little bit jittery. Her nerves are quickly calmed, however, when she steps out of her dressing room and happens to encounter her new body guard, Julian- an absolute bombshell of a man who makes her feel endlessly secure.
Sparks immediately fly between the two of them, and as the tour progresses they seem to get closer and closer to expressing their true feelings for one another- without ever actually finding the courage to do so.
Desiree, for her part, feels too shy and too lacking in confidence, even despite her massive success, to let Julian know the truth about her feelings for him. Julian, on the other hand, feels unworthy of her, even though she’s clearly interested in him, and both of them find themselves hoping the other will make the first move.
Their romance is put on hold, however, when a tragic murder is committed before one of Desiree’s shows- and Julian soon finds himself guarding her body a bit more closely than his job description initially let on…