Vilf by Piquette Fontaine

You might say I have something of a taste for young blood… But can you blame me? I’m 444 years old!
I need something to keep me so fresh and vibrant all the time. Okay, so maybe I’m neither that fresh nor vibrant.
I’m very attractive to men, but I’m more like something of a VILF- A Vampire I’d Like to- You know… Fadiddle…
The centuries have more or less been good to me, and I’ve largely been able to control my insatiable bloodlust with a far more sensual lust of the flesh.
But for the first time in nearly half a millennium, I suddenly find myself absolutely smitten with one of my young prospects, a young honeypot named Kevin.
The instant I see him, I start to develop my plan to sink my teeth into him…
And well, if you like dirty deeds and vampire innuendos, all I’m gonna say is that you should probably most definitely read this book.