NEW RELEASE: Wolf Arousal

Wolf Arousal by Stella Glass

Kiara Austin has a huge problem…. she is in love with her best friend Meagan. The reason this is a problem is because Meagan is denying the fact that she likes Kiara too. In fact, she is denying that she likes women at all. They are both werewolves.

Kiara and Meagan have been best friends since their junior year in high school and are also both wolves that run in the same pack. They are always around each other and the fact that Kiara is in love with Meagan makes it kind of awkward when they spend the night over each other’s houses.

After a night of partying and drinking too much, Meagan and Kiara drunkenly end up having intimate relations. The next day, Meagan leaves before Kiara wakes up leaving Kiara feeling angry and used.

Will Meagan own up to the fact that she is in love with her best friend? Or was it just a one night stand?

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